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In this article, you will get to know with the top 10 places to visit in Yazd:

1. Old Town

The old town of Yazd is isolated by a huge fortification made out of adobe. It is around 700 Hectares with more than 2000 houses. For more than 1000 years, people are still living in these mud made houses and life has never stopped here. You should walk through the labyrinth narrow alleys and you will definitely feel like getting lost in a lovely maze.

2. Jame mosque

Jame means Friday. It is the main mosque of the city in which the Friday praying used to hold here. This picturesque historical mosque was originally built in 12th century but later it was rebuilt in 14th and 15th century. This mosque is decorated by blue mosaic tiles and it has the highest minarets in Iran which are about 52 meters high. In this mosque, you will get surprised to find the "Swastika" as the decoration with tiles which is originally an Ayrian symbol from 2nd millennium BC.

3. Tower of Silence

For more than 1000 years, Iranians had a special custom for the funeral. The used to carry the body on the top of a hill and leave it for the vultures to come and eat it. Just about 15 minutes' drive from the old town, you will have the chance to see two historical towers which belong to the minority of Zoroastrians. Here are the only towers of silence in the world that you will be allowed to visit.

4. Fire Temple

From the ancient times, Iranians have always respected the four natural principles which are: fire, earth, wind and water. The fire burning in this temple, has never been put off for more than 1500 years! Still, Zoroastrians hold some religious ceremonies in this holy place. This place has got a keeper; a priest; who looks after the fire and every day he adds some pieces of woods to the fire. This temple was built in 1934 by the sponsorship of Parsi association. 

5. Dowlat Abad Garden

This world heritage Persian garden was built in 18th century by Muhammad Taghi Khan who was the governor of Yazd. It is 70000 square meters big and it has the country's tallest wind tower (Badgir) which is around 34 meters high. Badgir is a natural air conditioner made out of mud and wood. It catches the air and cools the place. The main palace of the complex is called Hashti or octagon building on which the Badgir is places on its rooftop. The lord used to welcome his guests in this building.  

6. Amir Chaghmaq complex

Amir Chaghmaq was the governor of Yazd in 15th century during the Timurid dynasty. He and his wife; Setti Fatimah; did a great job in city development and constructions. This complex is including: Tekyeh, which is a place where Shiite gather for mourning of Muharram, mosque, caravanserai; a simple accommodation for the caravans; Hammam or the traditional public washing place, theology school and the water reservoir. Nowadays, the complex is the main historical square in the heart of the downtown and it is also a symbol of Yazd.

7. Water Museum

Right at the corner of Amir Chaghmaq complex, you can find a beautiful historical house dating back to 19th century belonged to a rich family called "Koolah Doozha" which has turned into a museum. In this place, you will get educated about the underground water system called "Qantas". There is a 2000 year old Qanat at the basement of this house.

Iranians were clever enough to find a way to survive in the arid areas by bringing the water from the mountains to the city all through the underground tunnels. They used to dig a well in the desert every 100 meter and then connect them from underground, so the pure water from the high mountains flows through underground tunnels and it gets to the city.

8. Alexander's Prison

Right at the heart of the old town, there is an 800 year old monument which is famous as Alexander's prison. This building was never been a prison and it was built as a theology school by Seyed-Zia-al-Din in 13th century during the Ilkhanid (Mongol) dynasty. The local people have always told some stories and myths about this place. These stories made this place famous as Alexander's prison. One talks about the presence of Hafez; the great Iranian poet; in this school and since he did not like it he later compared this school to a prison in his poem.

9. Laris House

About five minute walk from Alexander's prison, you get to a luxury house from 19th century. A rich and big family called "Laris" moved to Yazd about 120 years ago and built this marvelous house for themselves. The highlights of this house are: the enormous wind-tower (Badgir), the stucco decorations on the walls along the mirrors, an exclusive branch of Qanat water which used to pass right under the house and the stain glass door which is a typical and traditional Persian door called "Orosi".

10. Kushk-e-No Water Mill

About five minutes' walk from Laris house, you can get to this underground mysterious place. At the beginning, you will receive a mining helmet and then you are ready to begin your underground adventure! This is a 2000 year old water mill which was all hand-dug. It was used to work until 60 years ago and by use of Qanat water, they could produce motion to grind wheat and seeds between two round stones and then the camels took the underground route to load the stuff and deliver it to the farmers.   

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