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Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

The dead bodies are being eaten by prey birds like vultures! This is the tradition from Zoroastrians' community. They used to carry the dead bodies to the top of the tower and leave them up there for the birds to eat them.

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Zoroastrian Fire Temple - Yazd - Iran

After 1500 years, the fire of Yazd fire temple is still burning and it has never been put out! This religion is the first Monotheistic religion and the they call on God as Ahura Mazda which means great wise creator.

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Top 10 places to see in Yazd

The UNESCO world heritage city of Yazd has the history of more than 5000 years and it is located in the center of Iran surrounded by the desert. It has a population of around 500000 and about one tenth of this population are Zoroastrians.